Eastern shore tang soo do


We Are a Member School of the International Tang Soo Do Federation


We uphold the three Tang Soo Do Principles. Students and teachers alike are required to take responsibility for their learning and their actions. We strive to help one another in practice and in life.


Our community prides itself on being present for each other. We are supportive and sincere to one another and apply this Tang Soo Do principle in our interactions outside of the do jang as well.


When others are being treated unfairly, we stand for justice. We do not tolerate bullying or mistreatment. We train to be able to stand tall and to defend others who need our help and support.


Embodying Pyung Ahn – the Korean term meaning “well balanced, calm, peaceful, safe, confident, and comfortable.”
Following in the footsteps of masters and helping each other along the way

Eastern Shore Tang Soo Do has been training under the direction of owner and Master Instructor Mark Pagano, as a member school of the International Tang Soo Do Federation™, since 2009. In this time, we have introduced many families of Maryland’s upper eastern shore to the art and discipline of Tang Soo Do. Sa Bom Nim Mark Pagano believes in the traditional martial arts values of respect, self-control, and commitment. We are proud to have produced 22 strong, disciplined black belts in this time. ESTSD is more than a martial arts school; it is a family-oriented community, training students of all ages to bring Pyung Ahn into their lives – the Korean term meaning “well balanced, calm, peaceful, safe, confident, and comfortable.” We instruct “Tiny Tigers” to seniors – even entire families, together – emphasizing character development, fitness and life-skills. We encourage and recognize many Honor Roll Students in our ranks and host a leadership program. Our do jang is very active in the Chestertown community – participating in local charity events, community service projects, town festivals and hosting martial arts demonstrations and tournaments. We are also proud to intermittently host women’s self-defense classes, and special clinics with invited alternative martial atrs instructors, representing judo, karate, and tai chi.

  • Black Belts

    Our school has advanced 22 black belts. As part of their training, they assist in classroom instruction.


    We currently have 12 young students, between 4 and 7 years old. At this stage, we assist them in focus and applying themselves to consistent practice.

  • Tang Soo Do Community

    We currently have 79 students, ranging from Tiny Tigers, to Youth, and Adults.


    We have 14 higher ranking students participating as leaders. In addition, we have 7 students who have achieved "Byu Ko Sa", or certified assistant instructor.

Sa Bom Nim Mark Pagano


Sa Bom Nim Mark Pagano has been teaching the art of Tang Soo Do for over 25 years. He is a 5th Dan (degree) black belt, a master certified by the International Tang Soo Do Federation, and a member of the ITF Technical Committee.

The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ is an organization founded by Grandmaster Chun Sik Kim, to uphold the standards of this authentic, Korean martial art. Each member school operates under strict guidelines with specific standards and goals set in place. All certified instructors are required to attend frequent evaluation tests to ensure the instruction every student receives is the highest possible standard.


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