May 13, 2015


2018 World Championships

There are no words to truly describe a Weekend like this!

This event happens only every other year…and the next one will not be until August of 2020!

The only way to really understand the enormity, the intensity and the enjoyment of it, is to be there to experience it first-hand. Our Tang Soo Do Family is BIG, and World-Wide! It is simply Amazing to train side-by-side with people from Germany, Wales, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Portugal, and from all over the United States! And the competition is also that much more intense, and FUN, because unlike an open tournament where you only need to rely on poise, balance, execution of technique and presence in the ring…here you also have to be truly knowledgeable of your Forms, Weapons and technique, because we are ALL the same! We are ALL Tang Soo Do! ITF Tang Soo Do!

There are many stories to share, to relate experiences of discovery of self, and of Tang Soo Do. The weekend was FULL of Seminars, Testing, Competition, Gatherings of students to practice together in the hallways or vacant conference rooms, Dinners/Lunches/Breakfasts with students from other countries and states, and experiences shared by all. Talk with any of our students who attended:

Kyo Sa Nim Pagano              Kyo Sa Nim Marvel              Bu Kyo Sa Bob

Ian Stotts                                Bu Kyo Sa Laura                  June Tebarts

Alex Wilson                            Colby Tuma                           Kevin McKillop

Cooper Truitt                        Max Schofield                        Logan Sykes

Michaela Hertz                      Thomas Eismeier                   Natalie Whitehair

Sabrina Johnson                   Michele Fevola

 They will be happy to share their experiences with you!

Now, The proverbial Icing on the Cake and Congratulations to:

Kyo Sa Nim Pagano:     1st in Weapons; 3rd in Forms

Ian Stotts:                     3rd in Breaking

Bu Kyo Sa Laura Mitchell:     1st Place in Forms for her division, and the opportunity to compete for Adult Forms Grand-Champion; 1st in Weapons

Kevin McKillop:            1st Place in Forms for his division, and the opportunity to compete for Adult Forms Grand-Champion

Cooper Truitt:               3rd in Sparring

Max Schofield:               3rd in Weapons

Logan Sykes:                 3rd in Breaking

Michaela Hertz:             1st in Weapons; 3rd in Forms

Thomas Eismeier:         1st in Forms; 1st in Breaking; 2nd in Sparring

Sabrina Johnson:          2nd in Breaking

Michele Fevola:             2nd in Breaking

                                      Tang Soo!!!