Tang Soo News

May 13, 2015

Testing this Weekend

We would like to again take this opportunity to express how wonderfully everyone handled testing this past weekend! Everyone showed a great, and very interesting energy, and seemed to have an excellent testing experience. We could tell that everyone present was excited to be there and eager to perform well and earn their next rank.

We have a few planned make-ups scheduled this week, so look for results to be posted in the beginning of June.

Tang Soo!!!


Annual Picnic

Our 9th Anniversary Picnic is scheduled for Saturday June 23rd

Save the Date!


Do Jang Picture Day – May 23, 2018

Do Jang Pictures on Wednesday May 23rd

Individual Sitting Times, for EVERYONE,

Between: 3:00 – 8:00 pm

There are NO sitting fees.

You only pay if you want to purchase photos for yourself/family.


There will be an ALL Do Jang collage, like last year, so we would like FULL participation, please (just like school photos, ALL students… ALL ages…ALL ranks).


The sign-up list, for EVERYONE’S sitting times, is posted by the bulletin board.

For those who want to purchase pictures, order forms are there as well, or you can wait until picture day to decide.


ALL Black Belts and ALL Leaders need to be present for group photos, at the below times.

Black Belts: 6:00 pm

Leadership: 6:18 pm


There will be NO Regular Class Schedule this day.